Meet our crew

About Lucy

Lucy is our nine year old dam, she is black & brindle.  Lucy was adopted from Casebeer Scottish Terriers in Willow Springs, MO. 

Lucy has retired from our breeding program, but is Queen Bee around here and is living her best life!


About Angus

Angus is our eight year old sire, he is all black and has genuine Scottish Terrier characteristics.  He was adopted from Locksley Scottish Terriers in Ballwin, MO. and comes from a long line of champion scotties.

He has a sweet personality and loves attention!


About Penelope

Penelope is our four year old wheaten dam, she is new to our breeding program and we are excited to see what color her puppies will be!  She is very shy and has lots of energy!  She is from Willowview Kennel in North Carolina.  Penelope is a wonderful mommy to her babies!


About Rhett


Rhett, our young sire is one of Lucy & Angus' puppies, he is three years old and solid black and as soft as can be! He has the sweetest most playful personality and lives with our son and his family nearby.

His best friend is a black lab named Ranger.

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