About us...

Our sire and dam live on the premises, as well as it's namesake, Rudy, our first and oldest scottie.  All adoptions must be approved by the owners and will require home visits prior to adoption approval.  As responsible pet owners, all puppies will be required to be spay/neutered, unless the contract specifies otherwise.  We reserve the right to refuse adoption at our discretion for the safety and well being of our puppies.  We do not ship puppies. All of our dogs are AKC Registered and we are responsible and ethical breeders.

About Lucy

Lucy is our six year old dam, she is black & brindle.  Lucy was adopted from Casebeer Scottish Terriers in Willow Springs, MO.  Currently, she is our only breeding female, and is a loving and responsible mother to her puppies.

About Angus


Angus is our five year old sire, he is all black and has genuine Scottish Terrier characteristics.  He was adopted from Locksley Scottish Terriers in Ballwin, MO.  He is very playful with his firstborn litter!  Angus comes from a long line of champion scotties.